Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Art Journal Update

I'm beyond due for a journal update so here it is! These are just pictures of the pages in my art journal since I last updated about my journal. I was going to do a youtube flip and I still might but wanted to go ahead and put them on here and maybe say a few things about what I did on each of them. Warning, Long post!
Descriptions are underneath each. If you have a question about a page, leave a comment! 

 This one is very simple, I was mostly testing out new stamps. I don't think it is complete yet. I just don't know what it needs. The stamps are from different groups, but most if not all are from The Paper Studio I believe.
 This one I did during church. It was inspired by the last song played. All done in sharpie.

 These two are the cover of my first art journal. Unfinished but haven't had time to add anything yet.
I used a combination of brown, antique gold and ivory acrylic paints, some fun scrapbook pages that i tore and inked with Distress Ink in Vintage Photo. And used some more stamps by The Paper Studio.

 I did this one with oil pastels and water. Then I added some graph lines with an ink pen and a white pencil to detail. I used torn pieces of scrap scapbook paper and edged them with brown oil pastel and used my finger to blend. I drew the little girl and used color pencils and sharpie to color her in. The words I did in sharpie as well. The white stars I did with a stencil and gesso. There is a heart doodle that I also did in ink.
 This page was one from an old sketch book. It was over a page with chalk on it and it had transferred to this one. So I glued it in and drew the trees with a Faber Castell Artist Pitt Brush Pen. The saying is a stamp, and the bird is a stamp. I can't remember what set these two came from but they were together.
 This one was done with watered down acrylic paints and a stencil for the swirls. The black is just sharpie. The fleur-da-lee (sp?) is a stamp from Paper Studio (I got a huge hall from Tuesday Mornings, I got like seven sets of their clear stamps cheap)

 This one is a collage piece. I used lots of paper from magazines and cut up thank you cards. Then I gessoed over it to tone down the color. I used a flower stamp I got from WalMart for a dollar. The girl is made from a napkin that I cut out and glued on the page and then drew her-painted it with acrylics. I want to add a quote but haven't come up with one yet.

 This page is one I dislike but hey, this is how you learn and you shouldn't be afraid to dislike what you create. I used polka dotted tissue paper and collaged it over some thicker letters (raised sticker letters) The phrase says life is an adventure you must explore. To make them show up after I covered them I used an black ink pad and rubbed it over the letters. Then I was trying to stay with a circle theme and used buttons to make a flower/firework thing. I used bubble wrap as a stamp with paint. And added a stamp or two. It's just really chaotic- like life- and I'm not sure I like it.
 I was practicing image transfers here. I took a magazine add for a purse because I liked the harlequin pattern on it. So I spread some matte medium on the page and put the magazine page on it and let it dry. Then I used water and sprayed it liberally on the page and used my fingers to rub off the magazine paper. It took forever and was really messy. This book only worked because it has really thick, canvas board like paper in it, otherwise I think it would have torn to pieces. Then once the paper was rubbed off I had a nice image on my page. I used alcohol inks to color and added a script stamp for extra interest. I doodled curvy S's along the border in black sharpie.

 This one I used pink ink in white gesso to tint the page then used blue denium alcohol ink for the two corners. I used a script stamp in sepia toned ink for background. The stamps are two different sets. One's the bird set I can't remember and the dots and chains are from a background set. The ink spill was done on purpose I just dripped some ink on there and tilted the page. The phrase says "Know you are beautiful" The word beautiful is a rub on. I think I dislike rub ons lol. I'm rubbish at them. ( haha)
There are some flowers in the blue bottom corner that are rub ons as well. The hearts are a stamp.
 This is from the journal I made, I used stickers and scrapbook paper for my name and some Prima flowers with button brads on the coffee sleeve page. The little page above it is just me practicing with ink spills. The background is sprayed acrylic paint.

 This one I used spray acrylic paint in blue and inked over punchinella (sequin waste) for the black dots. I colored a paper doiley in alcohol ink. And then used a stamp for the saying. I also used a yellow acrylic spray with the punchinella for the yellow dots in the center of the doiley.
 Practicing sketching faces here.

This was a piece of acrylic paper from a pad that I painted and then sprayed it with water and crumbled it over and over to break up the page then used white paint and a stamp. I'll out a quote on it later I'm sure.

Well that's it for the journal update.

I have some projects I will post at a later date as none of them are complete yet. :) Have fun creating!

Photo Challenge with Hann

So recently a friend of mine bought herself a Nikon D3100!! And with that came a crazy passion for learning and playing around. I've had my Nikon D3000 for two/three years now and still haven't learned everything it can do. I actually haven't picked it up since my cousins wedding in May. I saw Hannah's photos and let her passion bug bite me.

As a way to stay connected with her and have some fun being creative we started a challenge. I would pick one of her photos and recreate it with my spin on it and then she would do the same with one of mine.

If you want to check out her photo blog that she recently started you can go here.

So now following are some of the photos I took. All were taken on the Manual mode and I haven't edited them at all.
The first few were done at NLC's coffee shop while I was working there.

 This one I moved around a lot with a very slow shutter speed.

 These following coffee shots are ones I recreated using Hannah's photos as inspiration.

So that's it for this post. Next post will hopefully be an update on my art journals. :)